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Write an Awesome Essay: Introduction, Body and Conclusion

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    Crafting an academic essay needs a proper approach stitched with felicitous arguments that convey your ideas in a subtle manner. Academic essays are the medium through which one’s ideas are communicated to the reader. Therefore, it is important that the ideas are put in proper place and made to deliver the right meaning to the reader. For the effect to come into existence, your essay should be framed in a format that is relevant academically and adhere to the specifications laid by the university at the same time.

    Also, incorporation of the content along the lines should be able to deliver the information smoothly. Simply stuffing the information in the write-up would neither help you gain reader’s attention nor the scores.

    The common pattern of the academic essay follows: Introduction-Body-Conclusion. Proper synchronization of the words and not scattering them in this format can help you build a strong essay.

    Let us see what constitutes each section and how brilliantly it helps the section to play its role.


    Standard essay starts with an Introduction that involves the main idea of the essay. Little tricks with the introductory section can help you win reader’s interest. Once you have engaged the reader into your introduction, chances are maximum that the reader would invest more of his time in continuing with your essay.

    How should your essay introduction look like?

    1. Provide an informative overview of your topic that is short and touches only relevant areas.
    2. Provide a background with a broad context but do not cut the real meat in the introduction part
    3. Provide a thesis somewhere at the end of the introduction
    4. Provide a relevant anecdote that would illustrate the point effectively.
    5. Try to start the essay with examples, or quote something that relates to it, rather than cliched definitions.
    6. Keep the information fresh, interesting and attention grabbing.


    The body of the essay in the place where you locate the actual treasure of the essay. Th topic is explained, discussed or argued.

    Total number of ideas finalize the number of paragraphs in the body section. If your essay is constituted of three main ideas, one paragraph is dedicated to each idea.

    How should your essay body look like?

    1. Open the paragraph by phrasing the idea in a short line.
    2. Provide supporting points to each idea, leaving space of 3-4 lines between the points.
    3. In the given space, explain or elaborate over the idea
    4. End each paragraph with a conclusion to the idea; can be optional.


    The section of the essay that provides it a closure is the Conclusion part. You deliver the final perspective to the entire set of arguments by summing up the discussed points.

    How should your essay conclusion look like?

    1. Set of four to five strong lines that support your topic diligently.
    2. Smartly summarize on the main points without restating the same information
    3. Allow a brief of your opinion on the topic stating your knowledge and views.
    4. If you can insert an anecdote, you earn your spurs!

    Now you don’t have to stop and stumble at framing an essay, here you go!