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    Transcripts are academic proof of a student’s accolades and are very essential documents. They are the academic record of all courses a student has undertaken in a class. It also carries the grades or credits earned by the student in all of the subjects undertaken. Transcripts come in handy while applying for higher education or jobs. These can be issued depending upon the rules set by the school or university and can be issued for cumulative periods like high school (grades 9-12) or university courses.

    A Transcript is Different from A Marksheet

    As opposed to a marksheet, which is issued semester-wise, a transcript is the accumulated, year-wise record of all the courses and electives undertaken by the student. It contains the cumulative percentage or CGPA earned, with the detailed credits awarded for each course, the grades earned and the final outcome of the degree. Almost always, a transcript contains a hologram or some other proof of originality like watermarks. This is because of the increasing cases of transcript fraud. Universities and potential employers verify original transcripts and run comprehensive background checks to decide on the authenticity of the submitted documents.

    An Example

    Check out the below sample to see how transcripts look like. The below is a sample for Unique Student Identifier (USI) issued by the Australian Government. This was introduced in 2017 to enable documentation of training records. To ensure that these are not meddled with, only nationally recognised training organisations can make changes to a USI transcript and not the students.

    For home-schooled students, guidelines set by home education programs should be followed and requisite affidavits should be produced.

    Transcripts should be kept safe because if you lose one, the process for re-issue is a lengthy and time-taking. This is the reason why only trusted service providers should be used if the need arises to send original copies by mail.