It is our moral imperative to facilitate learning through ethical means and we have zero tolerance to misuse of our material.

We believe that learning should not feel burdensome rather interactive and interesting! With this as our core mission, we endeavour to help students in their academic pursuits. Our tutors perform painstaking research to put together well-informed resources that students can use for reference. Having said that, we do not encourage shortcuts!

In fact, through our online academic mentoring and course materials, we prompt students to adopt a conscientious and critical approach towards learning. We strongly denounce the use of our material to compile duplicate, copy-pasted and paraphrased submissions. Our objective is to help students attain a clearer understanding of complex subjects. We expect students to arrive at their unique conjectures after an intent study of our material. By no means do we support the students presenting our work as their own.

We aim to foster a curious learning temperament with our compelling and thought-provoking study material.

Our subject matter experts roll out verifiable empirical data from books, gazettes, academic discourse forums, institutional reports, and other high-brow sources.

We make a diligent effort to collate original, descriptive and informative resources for students. We expect students and individuals who use our portal to follow the same ethical code of conduct.

We are committed to our mission of helping students learn and master complex doctrines by simplifying the research process. We are also equally committed to protecting our work from misrepresentation and duplication.

We follow a high moral code of integrity and expect our users to act with the same propriety. We shall take appropriate action against anyone who is found to be indulging in plagiarism, copyright infringement or unauthorized reproduction of our study material. TutorOpedia does not support or tolerate the use of its material in producing duplicate facsimiles such as:

  • Copying study materials in part or whole for academic submissions and homework papers.
  • Publishing or broadcasting any of the copyrighted work.
  • Using our study material for any purpose other than gaining conceptual clarity and knowledge.
  • Presenting any parts of our study materials as your original work to any institution.

Any person found to be violating our Academic Code of honour will be barred from using our services. By agreeing to our terms and conditions, you shall be bound by our terms of use, Intellectual Property Rights policy and ethical code of honour. Our policies are in strict adherence to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).

Our Commitment against Academic misconduct:

We believe in the sanctity of education and stand resolutely against any kind of academic wrongdoings. Any violation of our Academic Code of honour shall be met with stringent action. We also clearly enunciate that all our academic work is strictly meant for drawing inference and attaining greater conceptual clarity. We act firmly with penal action against any person found to be misusing our copyrighted work.

We shall not stand for any kind of contravention or infringement to our code of ethics. As an organization, we follow the highest ethical standards. Any transgression from our code of honour shall be dealt with severity. Our researchers put together thoroughly scrutinized resources to provide valuable academic assistance to students. We intend to help them excel at university education without having to pay for expensive tutoring.

trongly believing in our values of equity and trust, we supply high-quality educational solutions to students to make learning easier and expedient. We trust them to use our resources ethically and in compliance with our Academic policies. The students are also responsible for complying with the code of ethics prescribed by their institutions.

Strict adherence to standard ethical practices

Through our educational resources, we reiterate our firm stand against academic misconduct. All ideas presented in our study materials are the original work of our writers. We have the requisite copyrights for their work. As and when the work of other authors is presented in our study material, we provide the due accreditation with proper citations and annotations. We acknowledge and accept the ethical responsibility to maintain honesty and transparency while referring to the work of other authors.

Compliance with agreed scholarly conventions:

  • We adhere to the established ethical practice of referring solely to highly reputable and trustworthy sources of information for procuring our particulars.
  • Our work is replete with accurate facts and figures.
  • We sternly reject any dubious or unverifiable sources during tutoring the scholars.
  • We lay great emphasis on the quality of resources used for compiling our study material and we do not refer to any second-rate material.
  • Our data is collated from only high-brow sources such as the works of renowned authors, institutional records, and reports of think tanks and policy-making institutions.
  • We also provide full acknowledgement to the authors, creators and owners of the original work that we use for reference purposes.
  • All our academic work goes through high levels of scrutiny. Our study resources are fact-checked, expertly proofread and ruthlessly edited before being passed on to students.

In sync with anti-plagiarism Standards

As a corroboration of our commitment to quality, we provide turn it in reports to students along with our study resources. We have zero-tolerance to plagiarism and all our writers are expected to follow high standards of creative integrity. We are in keeping with the universally accepted standards of text-matching and proofreading to detect plagiarism, copyright infringement and misrepresentation of facts.
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To avail online tuition services, please register and submit your details at Once you have chosen your study level, subject, tutor, and booked a time slot, when you want to attend the learning session, you will be asked to review your order and make payments. Thereafter, we will send you a video link prior to your chosen time slot, where you can experience superlative online learning sessions with your chosen mentors.
Yes, you can attend the online learning sessions via ZOOM, SKYPE Video and Google Meet applications.
You can contact 24x7 Live Student Support Teams through multiple mediums as listed below:
Yes, you can reschedule your class by informing us at least 24 hours prior to your booked time slot. Please mail your reschedule requests at
In case you were not able to attend your class at the booked time slot; don’t worry. Mail us your concern at and our customer support team will promptly resolve the issue by rescheduling the class. However, the class will be rescheduled at the next convenient and available time of the tutor.
The refund and cancellation policy of Tuturopedia is in compliant with the best industry standards and curated to enable a brilliant user experience. Kindly visit below links to know more: Refund and Cancellation Policy
You will need a laptop/desktop and an internet connection. The classes are conducted via video conferencing applications such as Zoom, Skype Video and Google Meet. Please make sure that the microphone of your system is working. Web Cam is recommended for interactive sessions but not essential.
No. Currently, we offer online learning sessions only for university students (Graduate, Post Graduate and PhD level courses).