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PartTime Jobs for College Students in Australia

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    Taking education loans for higher education has seen a significant rise in the past few years. The intervention of international organisations like the United Nations has motivated students to pursue education, not only in domestic areas but international as well. Australian education system is one which is highly receptive to this change. However, education does not come cheap, and banks do not let a student off that easily. As a result, part-time jobs for college students in Australia has seen a notable increase and popularity.

    There are plenty of part time jobs in Australia for international students that one can opt for. However, choosing the job which suits the comfortability of a student is one difficult job in itself. Therefore, TutorOpedia is here to help you find that part time job which pays you well, the one which does not compromise with your academic curriculum and also allows you to save some money for yourself.

    Pay Amount Through Part Time Jobs in Australia

    The most common question that students first like to address is how much money will they earn or they can earn. Consequently, this question should be the first in line that should be answered. To understand more on how part time jobs in Australia salary packages are designed, see the infographic below.Part time job in australia

    Part Time Jobs forStudents with No Experience

    This category is a difficult one but not an impossible one. Though one might argue that a student having prior job experience stands many steps ahead of a student having no job experience, we beg to differ. This is because a student who is having prior experience of, say 1 year, will naturally demand a higher salary which the employer does not want to spend on a part time employee. An inexperienced student can deliver the same work for half the price. Thus, employers see this as a win deal situation.

    With us, you will be connected to several local as well as reputed companies and firms in your city who offer opportunities to students who seek part time jobs. We can help you find a job that will not only interest you but will also help you in your academic journey.

    Industry Type

    Let us assume that you want to work as a helping hand at a local grocery store. The job industry is retail. Also, there is a local law firm who provide casual jobs for students like proofreading, data compilation and more.This industry is legal. Both students are employed as a part time employee but in different industry types. Hence, their salary will differ by a great extent. This difference in industry type is often overlooked by many people and they end up comparing and complaining.

    By talking to our career counselling experts, you can identify the job area and job industry that will benefit you in the long run. This is ensured when you get to know which job industry you want to work in and what approximate salary will you be getting form the same.

    The Job Type

    When a student searches for a part time job, the most common mistake they commit is choosing the job they don’t belong to simply because they were offered a couple of dollars more. Though we understand the need of these additional dollars in the life of a student, we also believe that simply pursuing part time jobs in Australia for international students in Melbourne or Sydney or any city is not enough. A student, along with other factors, should also take care of the job type that they wish to pursue.

    Our experts have kept this a priority to enlighten the students whenever they need guidance with choosing the job that will be right for them. A job that you are good at will automatically pay you more than the job which you need to learn.

    General Pay

    A crucial factor defining the salary offered in part time jobs for students in Melbourne or some other city is the general pay that is prevailing in the market. Maybe you are a good writer who writes a compelling and gripping content. However, there are not many good content writing firms who are hiring full time or part time content writers. Thus, the general pay of content writers in your area, say Adelaide, might be significantly lower than what content writers earn in, say Brisbane. As a result, the part time salary will be far lower than what a full-time employee will get.

    With us, the probability of ending up in a job you cannot quit offering a couple of dollars is reduced to a great extent. We let you know what the general pay is in the job profile you wish to pursue; how much can you get in that job or any other related query.

    TutorOpedia only wants what is best for you. Hence, we only connect you with the best part time jobs for students in Australia. Over the past few years, we have helped many students get part time job earning from A$15 to A$50 per hour! Moreover, some of them were converted into full time employees too. We helped them, we can help you too.

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