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Why you need a Checklist before writing an Academic Essay

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    Why you need a Checklist before writing an Academic Essay

    Academic essay is a unique feature of academic writing. It has many sub-types as well as forms of writing. Every aspect of an essay is determined by the requirement provided to you by the university. These guidelines can be explicitly mentioned or implicitly inferred from an assignment question. However, in both the cases, maintaining a checklist is important.

    The moot question remains; how will this checklist benefit you? The primary objective of maintaining any checklist is to keep yourself on the track of your work. Essay writing in various universities can range from 500-3000 words. Moreover, while writing essays on complex topics of law, humanities, nursing etc. it is quintessential to address only the specified problem statement. A proper outline will ensure that you are always reminded of the same, thereby, keeping your writing coherent.

    Essays can be of many types such as persuasive, narrative, reflective etc. and each of these follows a separate format and a distinct writing style. Your checklist can consist of specific guidelines that must be included in a specific writing style. Hence, a checklist would make sure that you include all the points while drafting your essay.

    Moreover, lengthy essays take more than a day to complete it because of its extensive research. Therefore, keeping your thoughts intact for more than a day needs you to have a checklist. The checklist must contain in brief all the details about the idea and problem statement.

    Your checklist can also contain questions, such as did I brainstorm the topic, or did I proofread my essay. Such questions can make your essay not only interactive but also transform it into a high-quality academic writing. Writing a comprehensive checklist all by yourself, you can come across many varied issues. A good checklist is the presentation of your knowledge on the subject, it would be a learning process even for young students who will be undertaking a complex project in the business field.

    • Ideas
    • Organisation
    • Elaboration
    • Language
    • Convention

    Checklists can also be sections specific like – for introduction: a separate checklist, for body: a different one and for conclusion: another one. Below this sectional checklist, you can make an overall checklist to make sure that broader aspects of it are also addressed in your essay.

    Furthermore, your checklist can be a common mistake checklist, which can guide you into making zero mistakes in your essay. Here, even language, as well as citation related to the essay, can be presented in a checklist.

    So, from the above arguments, it is evident that any checklist for essay must be essential. It can guide us through different complicated issues, which can be otherwise difficult to comprehend. In order to enhance the quality of your essay, a proper checklist is a basic requirement.