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How to Write an Article Review

Table of Contents

    Step 1: Select a Theme

    The first and foremost step in writing a journal article review is to understand the theme one is working on and the topic one would be undertaking. For example, if the theme is Social Inclusion and Topic is revolves around early childhood then, one should research precisely using either the internet or books/journals, whichever is provided.

    Step 2: Research

    Google scholar, University Libraries, databases etc. all of these could be a great start for you to find your article. Make sure you’re filtering the aforementioned sources according to your theme and topic. The theme should be used in a wider ambit and the topic must cover the specific aspects. Like for the above example one should search for all the articles about social inclusion but early childhood should be the main focus.

    Step 3: Thoroughly Go Through the Article

    The reading part has to be construed in a way wherein one understands the author’s approach and idea behind the article. Thorough reading of the article is advised as only then one would be able to write a gist and at the same time include all the content of the respective articles. Special focus could be on the Abstract, Introduction and Conclusion section, because it provides us with the actual development the topic has undergone.

    Step 4: Start Writing

    Finally, the most important step – once an idea is perceived and understood, one should start writing.  If the article is 3000-4000 words and a review has to be of only 150-word count, then one should discreetly write only the author’s point of view in the article and the way it encircles the theme. Review means one’s perception of the article.  There has to be a proper structure followed: Introduction would include the author’s depiction, further how the topic unfurls in lieu of the theme. Body could be the main summary in short form. Conclusion is majorly of around 50 words or less, in a review.

    Step 5: Referencing

    Never forget to provide proper referencing to the review. It is extremely important to understand that the source has to be mentioned. Referencing gives any written content an authentication. There are numerous types of referencing styles adhered to around the world. One should refer to the referencing style followed in their institution, it could be Harvard, AGLC, APA etc.