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How to apply for Student Loans

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    Of course, the process of taking a student loan may vary from a country. But the purpose is same, to finance your education, whether you want to study for a graduate course or an undergraduate course. So, let us read about how to apply for loans in different countries:

    The U.S.A

    You need to file the FAFSA which stands for Free Application for Federal Student Aid. Make sure you do this before taking out student loans, including direct loans and Perkins Loan.


    These simple steps will show you how to apply for a Loan in the U.S.A:

    1. Fill out the FAFSA. If you need to renew it, then make sure it is done prior to applying for a loan.
    2. Check the website for the form.
    3. Ask the institution where you are looking to take admission to send you the Financial Aid Award Letter by email. This is a summary of the types and sources of financial aids that are available for you to finance the cost of your education.
    4. Once you decide the source of help, contact your institution and ask them to accept the student loan.
    5. You will be given a few paperwork that you need to sign and submit. But remember to go through them properly before signing.


    Students usually apply for Erasmus+ Master course loans that allows them to finance their education, mostly for a master course. These loans are designed to support the postgraduate students with favorable payback terms which makes it more convenient for them to pay back their loans.


    You simply need to apply through a branch of banks. You can also apply through a university or even online.

    The following few documents must be submitted

    1. A certificate of completion of your last degree prior to the master course
    2. Address proof
    3. Enrolment fee, and
    4. Total cost of the course


    If you wish to study in an African Institution but are unable to pay for your course fees, then the best way is to take a student loan to finance your education. There are lots of banks that can offer you an education loan. However, for every bank, the criteria for applying for a loan may be a little different. Some of the popular banks in Africa that most student choose to take loans are:

    1. First National Bank
    2. Bank of South Africa
    3. Nedbank

    Simply go to one of these banks and ask for a student loan application form. Along with that, you also need to submit the following few important documents:

    1. Proof of Identification
    2. Proof of course fees
    3. Residence proof
    4. Proof of last completed course