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Guest Contribution Contest

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    Submit your article and stand a chance to win $500

    TutorOpedia invites all those creative hands out there to contribute towards building a giant network of student contributors.

    TutorOpedia aims to be the one stop destination for all academic requirements. May it be accommodation in a new and foreign country to part time jobs, TutorOpedia provides free resources, tools and information to help student pursue their academic endeavors without any road-blocks. For the same, TutorOpedia has come up with “Guest Contribution” where you have to submit an informative as well as engaging write-up of around 400-500 words.

    Terms of Competition

    For every entry, you will receive 200 participation points.

    You also have to promote your write-up – Your submitted write-up will go through TutorOpedia’s quality check and will be published within 24 hours. Once published, you will receive a notification in your mail along with the link of your blog post. You have to then promote your write-up by posting the link in different social channels like Facebook groups, wall, friend’s wall, Twitter, Google+ etc.

    For every share, you will receive 20 points and every comment will add 10 points. For every ‘like’ on your shared post, you will receive 10 points. At the end of 28 days the posts with highest number of points will be rewarded with $500, $300 and $100. Additionally, 10 bonus entries will receive $50 as well as a chance to associate with TutorOpedia as a full-time writer.

    You can also submit multiple entries to increase your chances of winning.