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How to Find Part-time Jobs in Australia

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    How to Find Part-time Jobs in Australia

    After paying thousands of dollars, international students as well as Australian students have been facing extreme challenges when it comes to financial support. The student visa in Australia enables the students to work up to 40 hours per fortnight during a semester. This allows the students to cover their living expenses while still leaving plenty of time for the studies. The most important thing is to know the details of your requirements to earning from part-time jobs in Australia.

    First Step: Applications

    To begin your employment process, you need to:

    • Open an Australian bank account. The employer can deposit your earnings directly to that account.
    • From Australian Taxation Office, get a TFN (Tax File Number). This ensures that you are taxed appropriately. TFN declaration will be provided by your employer. You can also obtain TFN declaration online or by calling 132861.

    Choices to Pick From

    The choice of work must depend on your personal interests and location of the workplace. You can choose from a variety of options, including:

    • Retail: Look for stores which can sell goods to customers such as clothes, electronics or large departmental stores.
    • Hospitality: These include services like cinemas, restaurants, bars, hotels, takeaway food stores and sporting venues.
    • Industry: One can apply for a part-time at radio stations and local television channels to research in a subject specific field. This is one way to enhance your analytical skills and it can help you pay your bills.
    • Services: Students can approach employers at call centers, supermarkets, petrol stations as well as various business administrations.


    While you target a specific job, it is time that you prepare a resume. However, checking for any error related to grammar or typo is a must. Whether it is an online or offline application, your resume must define your abilities. To apply for a job, you need to be aware of the requirements and prepare your resume accordingly.

    With an impressive resume, your first impression at an interview requires an equally remarkable attire.

    Search for online websites such as LinkedIn, Seek and Indeed to sort your job preferences.


    There have been several cases where students are unaware of their employment rights that results in direct or indirect exploitation at workplace. To ensure that you don’t face such challenges,

    • Read the employment contract carefully.
    • Refrain from such employers who insist paying you in cash or ask for unpaid trial.
    • You must be aware of the basic payroll that you deserve.

    Have an amazing stay in Australia!