TutorOpedia's Super Flexible Affiliate Marketing Program

If you can build up a network of students, you can join us and we guarantee solid pay-outs on every order you bring in. All you have to do is join, promote and earn.


We're a small yet fast growing team. We're creative action-takers who are all in for it. If you think you're one of those people, we'd love to hear from you.


All you got to do is, spread the word and promote our services in the student community. You will have to pursue students to try our services.


You can join us and we guarantee solid pay-outs on every order you bring in. It's going to take a lot of commitment and passion.

Our dream team

Can you run a successful online campaign?

Our affiliates will get a straight 10% cut on every order that receives a payment for TutorOpedia.

Ready to take the challenge?
Our Affiliates

How do you work as an Affiliate with us?

Our mission is to help students perform well in their academics. Promote our Assignment Writing Services and get paid for every order you provide.

Your work as an affiliate will involve getting assignment orders from students. It's simple, all you have to do is connect with as many students as you can and get us their assignment orders. You can chose from the below mentioned affiliate plans.

Plan A

If you can provide us with direct assignment order, we will pay you 10% commission on the total order cost.

Plan B

You have to provide us the details of students and we will pay you a fixed commission on every verified lead conversion.

Your earning depends on your marketing skills and how well you can connect with students.

The commission can go as high as flat 20% for bulk orders. Affiliates will be able to track their performances on their individual dashboards. They will be given a special referral code and can also promote using their own affiliate links.

Any time we receive a payment from your leads, your bonus will reflect in your dashboard and the amount will be credited to your Payment Gateway account. Yes, it is that simple.


DigiLink has been an amazing partner to have in the affiliate space, especially to earn high commissions. Their 24*7 support has assisted me in meeting the business needs as well as helped me grow my overall business within DigiLink. I can't express enough my gratitude to TutorOpedia for having given me this opportunity.


Very friendly and pro-active assistance round the clock. A great opportunity to earn huge money!


I was able to experience a lot and grow within as a DigiLink affiliate and within the student community. Today, I am working as a fulltime affiliate and seeking out my next career opportunity.


DigiLink Affiliate Program is exceptional!!! It is plain, simple and transparent!


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  • Competitive pay-outs!
  • Get 24*7 support from our affiliate managers!
  • Get associated with our brand!
  • Track your performance through your very own dashboard!
  • Be your own boss!

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Knowledge Bank

Everything you need to know to make this into a successful career opportunity

As you know, it takes a lot in order to launch and run a successful online campaign.

But, with us, we bear all the brunt of it. All you have to do is, refer us to as many students as you can.

Wondering how this works?

That is why we have gathered all the information you need to know in our Knowledge Bank.

All your doubts, queries, experiences of fellow affiliates... You name it! We offer them to you for free :)

Our mission?

To help you achieve your career goals and become a pioneer in the academic industry!

We believe that every student has the right to academic success. We pave the way for students to achieve the same and you can be a part of this noble cause!


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Frequently asked questions

To become an affiliate you need to sign-up by filling a form here.

In this plan, you can earn direct commission on assignment orders you provide us. All you have to do is connect with as many students as you can and get us their assignment orders. We will pay you 10% of the total assignment order. The more orders you bring, bigger payouts you receive.

In this plan, your objective is to collect as many leads (contact details) of students as possible. For every verified lead conversion you will receive a fixed commission. The more leads you collect, the more you can earn.

You will get paid via Payment Gateway or through Direct Bank Transfer, depending on which option you chose.

For Plan A, you get your 10% fixed commission as soon as you place the order on our website.

For Plan B, the minimum payout is $20. As soon as you earn $20, you can request a payout.

Of course you do! We are available 24x7 to solve your queries and guide you through the plan.

First of all, earning opportunity with this affiliate program is limitless. You can earn as much or as little as you want. You are your own boss, you can decide your own work hours. Here is what we offer to you for becoming an affiliate.

  • 24x7 Support for all your queries.
  • High Commissions
  • Easy payment options.
  • Surprise benefits for the top performers.