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How to check your essay for quality

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    How to check your essay for quality

    After mastering the basics of essay writing, it is the time to improve the quality of your essay.  Writing an essay with good quality is not tough, you only need to pay attention towards unity, coherence, and clarity. In this piece of writing we would be giving you some steps and tips to improve the quality of your essay. A good writer has to be a good reader. Before writing read a lot on the topic. This way you will not only get the complete idea but you will be able to create your own stand. Research also helps in the formation of a structure beforehand. How to start, what points should be included, what are the important factors and how to conclude? Research is the only way to answer these questions. Well written and properly structured essay keeps the reader engaged.

    Make sure that essay is grammatically correct, and structure of the essay should be in flow. Make sure that your opinion is not contradictory. Either you are in favour or against a point that has been stated. Structure of an essay begins with a brief introduction, main body and a conclusion. Bad grammar may divert the interest of a reader so you need to master the grammar. Perfect grammar comes with practice. Get your written work checked by your friends, colleagues or a family member. Take reviews and try to improve the areas they have pointed. There are several grammar-checking websites available online but they won’t highlight the ill-formatted sentences or flow of the essay. Use prepositions correctly. Wrong prepositions sometimes change the meaning of the sentences. Colons, semi colons and commas must be used cautiously as they effect the flow of a sentence.

    Verbose sentences kill the essence of effective writing, try to use less words to convey your message. Simply put, your writing should crisp and clear. Academic writing is a very formal way of expressing your views and opinions so make sure you avoid informal words while doing academic writing. Keep your sentences short, lengthy sentence may hamper the meaning of the message you want to convey. Capital letter must be used cautiously. Only proper names and nouns need to be capitalized. Restrict yourself in using phrases or metaphors. Avoid bullets and numbering while writing an essay. Make sure your content is not plagiarized.

    Referencing and formatting

    Referencing is another important factor. Use of references is not sufficient, in fact, correct use of references is important. You must use the style of reference as asked. References helps you support your arguments. Always use statements that you can support with an evidence, if not, avoid them. Read your document carefully to avoid any error and to check the flow of the content.

    Before submitting, check the requirements. Title has to be correct and must reflect what it contains. Well written introduction gives an idea to the reader about what is to be discussed in the following paragraphs. In the main body, all the important factors must be covered to enhance the quality and reliability of your content. Every main topic must begin from a new paragraph. Former and latter paragraphs must be related to each other and flow has been continuous. At the end, summarize your content and confirm the instructions given by the tutor have been considered.