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    Australia has always enchanted the students, the main reason being the quality lifestyle it provides along with a world-class education. Many Australian colleges are ranked amongst the World’s Top 100. This has resulted in many international students flying to Australia for education in recent years making it a Land of Diversified Culture. It offers a unique life experience to students.

    Colleges here do not just keep the students engaged during lectures but they make sure that a student participates in various academic/non-academic activities outside the classroom as well. For this, the colleges have different student organizations/clubs on campus. So, a student can select the club/clubs he/she wants to be a part of depending on their interest, be it enjoying a specific sport or activity. These clubs offer a great opportunity to the students to do something they like. At the same time, it is a great way of socializing as the students can meet other people who have same interests as theirs.

    There is also a long list of other events that keep happening around the college campus like, sports tournaments, seminars/workshops, concerts, field trips etc. Students just have to keep their eyes and ears open to be aware of these potential events going on in the campus and get more information about them so that they do not miss this opportunity. Being located in urban or suburban areas, Australian universities make sure that you do have fun along with the regular academic curriculum.  There are many recreational activities for a student to engage in. The towns have a dynamic nightlife, with many bars and clubs for students to enjoy with their friends and fellow students. College campuses also offer various hangout places for the students. There are many restaurants/ cafes and other places for the students to visit and enjoy while eating great food.

    Sundays are also quite fascinating in Australia. While many students prefer to have a relaxed time on Sundays, there are students who do not waste even one day to have fun with friends. Most of the Australian cities are near the coast, thus the beaches there offer a perfect place to relax as well as have fun on the weekend. Sundays are a good way for the students to get themselves pumped up for the upcoming week. A lot of students prefer outdoor activities like fishing, scuba diving, hiking, rock climbing or various water sports on the beach.

    Overall, there are so many things to do in Australia for students be it a weekday or a weekend. Apart from these, a number of festivals also take place around the country. Students normally search for some friends heading towards such events which are Australia’s favourite pastimes. Being an extremely large country, transportation is a very important aspect of day to day life. Australia’s public transportation system is quite efficient and this effective connectivity helps the students to visit wherever they want to go with ease, whether by bike, train, bus or a plane.


    Clara has been an international academic counselor for as long as she knows. Her expertise lies in providing informative and relevant guidance to students all over the world. In her free time, Clara writes on topics like student problems, part-time jobs and admission procedures etcetera.

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