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    Before listing and discussing about the top 5 Melbourne based lifestyle bloggers I would like to throw some light on what exactly lifestyle blogging is or who is a lifestyle blogger. Literally, lifestyle how one chooses to live their lives. Lifestyle blogging gives opportunity to an individual to share their experiences or expertise about any matter globally. It could also help share an individual their adventures in life, passion for something and many more things. Lifestyle blogging could be done on topic, be it fashion, food or even interior designing.

    Now, I will discuss about the top 5 Melbourne Based lifestyle bloggers who have turned their passion into profession.

    1. Rebecca Judd loves

    Rebecca is a known name in Melbourne’s households. As the host of the Victorian travel show Postcards, she knows a thing or two about the lifestyle followed in Melbourne. She as an opportunist played on it and started her own blog i.e. . She is a qualified speech pathologist, model, brand ambassador, weather presenter for the Nine News Melbourne weekend bulletin which was the icing on the cake when she planned of starting her new blog. What I personally liked about her blog is that she doesn’t only post stuff related to fashion or beauty but also about the topics like house, wedding, kids and travelling which is pretty diverse and can engage a large diversified audience on her websites and her blogs. I forgot to mention the have 672k followers on her Instagram handle which makes her number one candidate in my list.

    Top 5 Melbourne Based Lifestyle Bloggers

    2. Melbourne Girl

    In my list, Melbourne girl has bagged the second the position in the list of lifestyle bloggers. The blog  provides a local view point on the city and suburbs. The blog is run by editor Emily Collie and deputy editor Prue Chilcott but, it is pieced together by six contributors jointly known as Melbourne Girls. Their main motto of the blog is justified with these four questions i.e.

    • What to do in Melbourne.
    • Where to Stay in Melbourne.
    • What to eat in Melbourne.
    • What to wear in Melbourne.

    They cover all the aspects of the blog. The user interface is very well defined and each and every topic is subdivided into the relevant main topics like festival and events are listed under play + stay whereas, shopping and beauty is listed under style + design. The blog is actively active on Instagram with over 88k followers.

    Top 5 Melbourne Based Lifestyle Bloggers

    3. The wild Hideaway

    The wild Hideaway is the perfect example of how one person can write about their feelings or just anything they feel like as Shannon Clarke, who is a freelance writer and a content marketing manager reveals the reason behind starting up this blog . She says that she has started this blog so that she could write whatever she feels like. She has also been a contributor on Melbourne Girl blog. Talking about the technicalities of the blog, topics are well characterized but the main focus is on travelling combined of all the topics. Shannon is pretty active on social media, and one thing I liked most about the blog is that her blog is pretty vibrant and one would like to visit it again after visiting it once.

    Top 5 Melbourne Based Lifestyle Bloggers

    4. Little miss Melbourne

    Little miss Melbourne has described herself as “undomestic Goddess”. This unnamed blogger is focusing on the unexplored things in the city of Melbourne and anything else the city has to offer. Although, I personally don’t like the persona or the essence of her website as she has not listed the subtopics under the main heads. So, one has to go and look on for her new postings or blogs. With 13.3k followers on Instagram she hasn’t had earned the blue tick yet, but with continuous growing number of followers I gave her the 4th position.


    5. Emilia Rossi

    Emilia Rossi  is the last blogger to get placed in this ranking. Her blog is divided into Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle and Travel sections.  In addition to the blog, Emilia manages an Etsy store and Bridal website. She has small presence on Instagram with only 3,150 followers but have a potential grow. Despite being operating since 2011 she has got small amount of presence which is why I awarded her the last position.


    Top 5 Melbourne Based Lifestyle Bloggers

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