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    As the group of teenagers avow their autonomy and independence, they discover their own identity, which brings about hormonal as well as behavioral changes in the growing adolescents. Your obedient and enamoring child who used to sob because you were not around for more than 30 minutes, is no more going to be seen before 2A.M in the morning back to home and shall hail you with ignorance or maybe the bang of a door. This changing and temperamental behavior the teenager becomes quite difficult to brook by the parents.

    “Teen Drama Overloaded? – Shame & Blame is bootless! “

    An adolescent undergoing tremendous multiple disorders and imbalances, like those in behavior, emotional turmoil as well as learning and concentration abilities denigrating constantly. Aggressive menace like violence, drinking, drug abuse, rapes and molestation, shoplifting, harming one-self. Also, they endure symptoms or problems of hormonal imbalance, depression, anxiety attacks and many other health related issues. The major determination point for the parents lies in, understanding what a sign of a more serious threat to their adolescent could be, whereas what behavioral developments are natural to occur with the growing up process.

    ‘I am not anywhere like my mother’, is the most squabble issue which a mother-daughter relation goes through. I am an individual self, is what that teenager is always cribbing to prove. Many more instances of such ego clashes and identity recognition are prevalent and common. Even the most composed and calm parents lose their patience level and engage blows with their frantic sons and daughters. Parents try to engage themselves in aggressive quarrels, thrashings, insulting their teens, beating them up, pestering them for petty household chores or maybe, cutting down on their pocket money and expenditures or putting a bar on their outings or surveillance on their mobile phone details.

    “Teen Drama Overloaded? – Shame & Blame is bootless! “


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