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    I’ve had a fascination with the art of tattooing for a while now, but only faced the needle myself this year. The thing which most of the people actually fear, I fear like 50 times more than them. So, on my last birthday I finally decided to get a tattoo done. I was turning 23 on that birthday, an adult teenager who is eager to do new adventures in life. After taking recommendations from my family and friends about which tattoo should I get going with, I decided upon to surprise my parents by getting a tattoo done exclusively dedicated to them.

    Story behind getting your tattoo done

    So, finally I took the bravest decision of my life, by getting this tattoo etched on my wrist and dedicate my life to my parents as they are one of the best thing that could ever happen to me. Marking your skin with a needle is uncomfortable, but from your pain comes something beautiful and permanent — an exquisite scar.

    Story behind getting your tattoo done

    I was scared as hell, I don’t know how I got the courage to do this but yes, I finally got it done. At the first, it did hurt very bad, felt like something is going into my veins, but towards the end it got better. The artist used various creams and oil to lower down the pain, but he told me that the pain will trouble me for at least 2 weeks. I was even more petrified listening to this, but the end result was worth all the pain that I suffered.

    It had paid well, as it was something dedicated to my parents which made me feel a lot proud.

    What did it look like?  Tadaaaa… 😉

    Story behind getting your tattoo done




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