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    Dreaming to migrate to the “land of plenty”? Then applying for PR should be your top most priority. Australia offers various visas to a few selected people who want to migrate to Australia. PR stands for Permanent Residency visa and in order to get it issued, a specific immigration system has to be followed. This point-based system of immigration evaluates the eligibility of the candidate, based on the scores that he/she scores in certain major factors of selection. This generally includes age, command over the English language, employment experience, education etc.

    Realising the importance of permanent residency Australia application form, we at TutorOpedia are here to guide you with the steps that are involved in the process of applying for PR. If you still feel topsy-turvy, then you just need to hand over this tedious task to our online experts. Be it any profession, our experts will help you to apply for Australian PR.

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    General Steps of Applying for Australian PR:

    In general, some steps are to be followed by people of any profession – beit engineer, doctor, teacher or any other. These steps include:

    • Registering for IELTS and preparing for it
    • Skill Assessment by Engineers Australia, also known as migration skill assessment
    • Writing CDR
    • Applying for visa

    How To Apply For Australian PR As An Engineering Student?

    Basically, there are some requisites that any engineering student would need before applying for Australian PR. According to the Engineers Australia (EA), following are the points that would help an engineering student to get his Australian PR visa to get approved:

    Qualification of Engineering

    Students must have an engineering degree from recognised universities in diploma, or maybe post diploma else a degree validating bachelors in engineering.

    Competency Demonstration Report (CDR)

    This is the basic pre-requisite that any engineering student would need to be eligible for Australian PR. Now, CDRs are really technical and often have chances to get rejected and once it gets rejected you won’t be permitted to apply again for a year. Hence, you can hand it over to our CDR writing experts, which would not only save your time but also enhance the chances of getting it approved.

    Proficiency in the English language

    While our experts are busy making your CDRs, you can prepare yourself with IELTS test, because you need to score minimum 6 out of 10 in all the parts of this test.

    Points test

    You can also channelize your time in preparing yourself for points test so that you can score minimum 60 points.

    Migration skills assessment test

    You are required to give this test with the EA, wherein your professional skills would be evaluated by them.

    Expression of Interest (EOI)

    After you pass the assessment test, you would be required to submit a job application called EOI.

    Invitation to apply

    After your EOI is accepted by them, you will be asked to apply for the visa.

    Lodging Permanent residency visa

    Apply for Australian PR online with all these required documents within the given deadline.


    How to Apply for Australian PR as A Doctor?

    Similarly, there are some requisites that any doctor would need before applying for Australian PR. Following are the points that would enhance the chances of getting PR approved:

    Clearing AMC examination

    Aspiring doctors need to clear the Australia Medical Council Exam, that would give the validation of how efficient medical practitioner they are.

    Passing the IELTS

    Scoring minimum 6 in all the sections of this test is mandatory to be eligible for filling the permanent residency Australia application form.


    Different types of pathways

    International medical graduates who seek to register themselves for practising medical in Australia need to provide proof of their eligibility to commence either competent authority pathway, standard or specialist pathways.

    How Do We Help You to Apply for Australian PR?

    Not just engineers and doctors, TutorOpedia has helped students of every field to get their PRs soon. For us, the need of students is our first priority. We aim to help you get your PRs as soon as possible. So, you just need to dream of immigrating to Australia, while we fulfil it for you. So, why not let us help you reach the “land of plenty”!


    Clara has been an international academic counselor for as long as she knows. Her expertise lies in providing informative and relevant guidance to students all over the world. In her free time, Clara writes on topics like student problems, part-time jobs and admission procedures etcetera.

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