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    The sole purpose of a resume is to make an applicant outshine the surrounding candidates for a job designation. For this cause, the unemployed or ‘once-employed’ look up the worldwide web for tips and tricks on how to write an effective resume. If you are one of those who wishes to apply for your dream job, switch organisations in your field, or switch the field itself; this blog is for you. To begin with, there could be two pathways. If you are a fresher (no one is judging you), or hold certain experience, by your resume, the interviewer or the recruiter must be able to deduce that you know how to write a simple resume at least.

    The resume we are talking about here is a derivative of your entire professional history. You never know a resume might take you to Silicon Valley and land you a job in one of the world’s leading MNCs like Google or Amazon!

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    People do not apply for such jobs thinking they are inferior and would never get into one of the world giants. Yes, they would not unless they know how to write an effective resume.

    After years of resume writing practice, TutorOpedia has been able to successfully land students jobs in accomplished MNCs. This blog will guide you regarding the same while following a particular resume writing format in a time span of less than 3 minutes. Spare for this blog three minutes and you could get into who knows… Apple? And work on the next upcoming iPhone?

    Submit Your Requirement

    According to the resume writing samples displayed by experts regarding how to write an effective resume across the web, to get the job of your dreams, you would want to be very clear when you are sending in your requirement with an online expert. With TutorOpedia, you may choose from a vast majority of types, among which, the most chosen are

    • Resume Writing Services for Fresher
    • Resume Writing Service for Professional

    Assignment of A Resume Writer

    Only the best among a lot of expert resume writers who do know everything about how to adhere to a particular resume writing format at TutorOpedia is assigned to ‘personally personalise your resume. The experts so chosen would have worked for a world leader in the same stream as yours, so, you need not worry about the right interpretation of your requirement.

    Preparation and Submission of The Draft

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    Once, a presentable form of the resume is polished by one among our team of resume writing experts, it is then reverted back to the applicant. If you are paying some part of your hard-sweated money, you shall get the same value in return. Feedbacks are welcomed by us at TutorOpedia, wherein, we accommodate any improvisations that are requested from your end.

    Your Approval

    Only after an approval do we request you to make the full payment. You could ask for n number of revisions before making the final payment. In case there is any difference between your expectations and our work, the resume shall be sieved through the same level of quality check parameters as the previous time before it finally touches down in your hands. We understand that you have some knowledge regarding how to write an effective resume or how to write a simple resume, but let us do the job for you.

    Why Choose Our Resume Writing Experts

    • The experts at your disposal have a 10-year long resume writing experience.
    • The resumes finally handed over are personalised according to the recruiter’s and job position’s likings.
    • We offer just below 97% success rate.
    • We provide free resume writing examples.

    By availing our resume writing services, you can easily stand a chance to get your dream job.

    Wait… you thought we forgot something? No, we saved the best for the last!

    The Cover Letter

    In case, you are applying for a managerial job in any field, you would unconditionally need a cover letter. At TutorOpedia, we stay up to date with the latest trends in resumes’ cover letters. A cover letter would give you an edge over a resume that doesn’t have one enclosed before the resume. This doesn’t make your resume lesser in terms of importance but only adds value to the overall presentation.

    In case, you have any query related to any guideline regarding resumes or feel that you are tired of searching for key points on how to write an effective resume, feel free to contact us via our resume writing services or WhatsApp number available on the home page of the same.


    Clara has been an international academic counselor for as long as she knows. Her expertise lies in providing informative and relevant guidance to students all over the world. In her free time, Clara writes on topics like student problems, part-time jobs and admission procedures etcetera.

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