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    Have your last few days been grueling hard work at writing? Do you feel any less inspired and creative to write something that could win the day? When you have been writing for so long, but immediately the brains turn off and all you see is white pixel all around. Sooner or later, writer’s block hits everyone. Be it a blogger, a journalist, or a writer in general, each one faces the trauma of being unable to fill the pages.
    If you are one of those who haven’t posted anything recently because your brain couldn’t direct your pen in a desired direction, and helps you get back into the groove.

    5 Tips to Overcome Writer’s Block:

    You don’t have to go crazy if you aren’t able to write something that you want to, you can simply follow these tips to keep your writing skills afloat and bring you out of the writer’s block zone. We are sure this will keep you up with your happy times with words.

    1. SWITCH GEARS: You can try on something that you haven’t done since long. Maybe, painting or doodling would work. Or maybe, turning on to some new genre of music could boost your energy and creativity with words. Do not limit yourself to one task and branch out into something that could shake you up again.

    2. DAY DREAM: Can you name some of the high-achieving daydreamers. Newton, Einstein and Bronte sisters are to name a few who have lived much of their lives by implementing their imagination. Day dreaming can help you get motivated and extend your horizon to something you have never thought of. The best part is that you know the things you can take a chance on.

    3. TALK TO PEOPLE: Talking to people you haven’t got in touch with since long, can help you gather new ideas and things to write about. Whether you realize it or not, but there is a maximum flux of ideas when you talk to people.

    4. WRITE IDEAS IN BULLET POINTS: Human brains trigger ideas in steps. So, once they start hitting the lobe of your brain, collect them. If you know how your story should end, start from there. Outline the whole picture in points which will help you accumulate things so that you can later hone over them more effectively and come out with the perfect flow.

    5. READING INSPIRING QUOTES: What on this planet haven’t worked with inspiration? It can be a temporary forward push that inspiring quotes can provide you during your tough time, but forward is forward.

    Quoting one of the Robert Frost’s best “No tears in the writer, no tears in the reader. No surprise in the writer, no surprise in the reader.” We hope nothing stops you from writing that has never been written.


    Clara has been an international academic counselor for as long as she knows. Her expertise lies in providing informative and relevant guidance to students all over the world. In her free time, Clara writes on topics like student problems, part-time jobs and admission procedures etcetera.

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