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    There are a lot of students, who find out that the course which they are in, may not be the right fit. A different path needs to be taken altogether. While you can look for an internal transfer in which, your course shall change but the institution remains the same. On the other hand, you might want to change your field of study as well as the institution itself. But, whichever way you want it be done, you will have to make sure that a good academic performance is maintained. This is because many courses will only accept you if your academic grades comply with their eligibility requirements.

    Let’s read about how to change your course after getting an admission in college.

    1. You can book an appointment with a student’s academic advisor: Every school or college will have at least one student advisor or consultant. Their job is to provide solutions for various problems of the students and guide them with their academics. You can approach them and ask about any issues that you are facing with your course. They will provide a lot of information on changing a course, whether in the same institution or to another institution. There are hundreds of colleges in Australia and each of them may have different policies for course changes by students. The advisors will explain those policies for whichever college you wish to ask for. So, if you are planning to change your institution, make sure that you consult your academic consultant to understand the policies. This will make it easier for you to get to know about the college that you will be taking admission in.
    2. Also, you need to be studying for at least six months in your current institution in order to be eligible for admission to another institution. But it is also possible to do it before the six-month period. For that, you need to obtain a “letter of release” from the current college.
    3. Make sure that you pay close attention to the last date of enrollment for course change: Your college may set a fixed duration of periodin which you can apply for a change or/and pay the penalty. This date is usually set a few weeks before the next semester starts. However, if you still wish to change your course after the last date, you will have to pay the penalty amount for the number of subjects that you did not complete in the current semester. Some colleges also offer a refund when you get the approval before the last date.
    4. The new course should meet your needs: There could be many reasons to look for a course change. It could be that it was too difficult to understand. So, the new course that you are looking at, should be more suited for your skills and abilities. And sometimes, you need to just look over your current course again. Maybe, you might just be underestimating the level of skills that you could obtain here.

    TutorOpedia also provides academic consultations to students living in Australia as well as those who wish to study here. Our student advisors have been in their profession for over 12 years. They have consulted hundreds of students via phone and email. The students followed their advises and got highly positive results in their academics.


    Clara has been an international academic counselor for as long as she knows. Her expertise lies in providing informative and relevant guidance to students all over the world. In her free time, Clara writes on topics like student problems, part-time jobs and admission procedures etcetera.

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