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    Calling all foodies: Mark your calendar for the Melbourne’s Night Noodle Markets.

    The annual Night Noodle Market brings you a great opportunity to experience the rich and diverse flavours of Asia covering the streets of Japan, China and Thailand. Stroll down to this event at Birrarung  Marr this November to sense the taste of all incredible culinary delights that Asian region has to offer. It’s a 3 week event running from the 9th-26th November, the Noodle Markets is a real feast not just for the taste buds, but your ears, nose and eyes too. Take yourself on a tour to this bustling food market and join hands in celebrating Melbourne’s cultural diversity.

    Originally, it was a part of the Good Food Month (it will now take place in June 2018) but now Night Noodle Market is a standalone event. The market displays more than 30 snack stalls filled with exotic flavours and spices along with some inspired cocktails and many live entertainment for locals and visitors of all ages and backgrounds. The ever popular Night Noodle Market dragon dancers will escalate your excitement to a whole new level as they illuminate the crowd in a sea of acrobatics, music, dance and lights. Make yourself comfortable in one of our partners’ fun seating areas and get close with our schedule of chef’s presentation and demonstrations. Dance the night away with live DJ’s music performances and make it memorable why the Night Noodle Markets are always a night to be pleased with.

    These are some of our tips and highlights for visiting the markets.


    All the stalls are CASH FREE. That means you can just use your bank card of choice to swipe or tap to make your payment.  

    Get there a little early so that it is easy for you in getting through the gates when they open at 5pm (Monday to Friday) or at 4pm (Saturday and Sunday). Moreover it will be easier for you to find a place to sit and enjoy the activities taking place.

    Go through the website before you arrive so that you know all about the Melbourne Night Noodle Markets menu. Make a to do list of the top stall holders or menu items that you wish to try and mark them on the map online.  You can use this map on your phone so that you can lead yourself straight away to the desired stalls when you arrive.

    To get started here are some of our favourite stalls : Wonderbao, Hoy Pinoy Barbeque, Mr. Miyagi, Sake, Bao Stop as well as desserts from Gelato Messina and Black Star Pastry.


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