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    Are you a student who is looking for someone to provide assignment help free of cost or for a discounted price? Have you tried searching on Google for terms like ‘can someone do my assignment’ and cannot figure out which review to trust and which do not? Are you also tired of being bombarded with tens of search results every time that you try to search for the best assignment help over any search engine and promotional emails that come your way?

    Then you are in the right place.TutorOpedia welcomes you to one of its kind blog where we bring to you a compiled list of some of the best assignment help websites crawling through the jungles of the internet.


    Note: Tutoropedia does not endorse any of the below mentioned online assignment help companies and neither has accepted any type of promotional fees whatsoever from them in exchange for mentioning their name. The data is based entirely upon analytics and search result data provided by Google which has been analysed by our team of experts. If you have availed of their services in the past or will be availing of the same in future and do not have any pleasant experience of the same, we are not to be held accountable.

    Here, we shall judge the best assignment help websites on the basis of 3 factors; the quality of their assignment writing, the price they charge and the type of services they offer.

    1.   My Assignment Services

    My Assignment Services has been providing assignment help in Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane and all over the continent. Their assignment help service has been around and a preferred choice of the Australian students for a long time.

    My Assignment Services

    Quality Of Assignment Writing

    The quality of their assignment writing services, as evident from their testimonials on the website, is quite unmatched (you can read testimonials on their website for reviews that their customers provided).

    Whether you talk about the relevance of information their assignments include or the formatting, style of writing, and the adhering to the guidelines, these people know exactly what to write and how to write them.

    Price System

    My Assignment Services has an order form which the students can fill on spot with all the relevant details and would get a price of their assignment in their inbox.

    Moreover, to allow every student avail their assignment help services, they have several offers available on their website ranging from referral earnings to first-time user promotional offer.

    All the payments made to them are 100% safe and secure. They accept payments through Visa, Mastercard,and Payment Gateway.


    If you will check out their website, there is an ocean of services that their experts deal in. Ranging from the conventional courses like engineering and management, their expert’s house even the new age courses like statistics and MATLAB! If you are wondering if they really do that, well, if they have listed on their website then they must have an expert, right?

    Contact details:
    +61 466 332 323

    2.   My Assignment Help OZ

    Several Australian assignment help reviews also make way for an emerging and fast-growing assignment writing service. Students count and regard My Assignment Help OZ as a top-rated and one-stop destination for any kind of assignment help and academic assistance. Moreover, these people are counted by the students as one of the best assignment help provider out there giving head-on competition to several well-established players.

    my assignment help oz

    Quality of Assignment Writing

    Students who have availed the services from My Assignment Help OZ are satisfied with the services they got, says the reviews over Quora and Google. In a short time, their team has grown exponentially, which is evidence of the quality of assignments they deliver. They wouldn’t have been able to grow if they were not giving what students want, right?

    Furthermore, what their customers say that they never miss a deadline. Another feather in the cap is that they highly value the confidentiality of their clients. Even if you search the reviews section, there is nobody whose name or the university name is publicly displayed.

    Price System

    An order form, similar to My Assignment Services, is displayed filling which, will generate a price quote for your assignment. A handful of reviews, when analysed, lets us know that their assignment service can be counted as a cheap assignment help Australia service.

    Additionally, considering that they are emerging well, a high-quality work for a reasonable price is not what you will find in many places.

    They follow a payment mode of diversity. Other than accepting Visa and Mastercard, you can also pay them via Amex and Discovery. Moreover, they have also signed a treaty with McAfee Secure so that the payment gateway is as secure as possible.


    A wide range of attractive services, not limited to assignments, but also expand to homework help, research paper writing, making e-portfolios, high-school homework, TAFE assignments, and many more.

    These guys know what they are doing and they are doing it quite well. If you are looking for a new age assignment help and not the ordinary ones, do check them out for your requirements.

    Contact details:
    +61 466 332 323

    3.   TV Assignment Help

    TV Assignment Help is a popular website among the students of Australia for two reasons – it hosts the largest collection of assignment samples on their website and you can order your assignment within seconds because they also provide you with an option to avail a used solution! TV Assignment Help does not claim to be the best because they are straightforward, truthful and honest. If they can’t do your assignment, they at least won’t give you any false hopes.

    tv assignment help

    Quality of Assignment Writing

    The quality of assignment writing at TV Assignment Help is quite good when you compare it with the standard industry. Moreover, the company also allows the students to approach them with as many modifications in an assignment as they like, totally free of cost.

    A company who writes assignments has to have some proof of their original work. This originality of their assignments is backed by a free Turnitin report that accompanies every assignment. Also, no assignment is sold to any third party, as per their claims. This means that they value the privacy of their clients as well as their data.

    Price System

    The price they charge has two sections for any type of assignment that you seek. Their services let you choose to either order an assignment where you want an entirely new solution, right from the scratch. Now, since an expert would study and research and write, the cost will obviously be more. However, they do not charge you a fortune for this. The price is approximately the same as everyone else.

    The second feature, which is comparatively attractive is that you can also order a used solution. This means that, if they have already written an answer for an assignment very similar to yours and you just want a solution for reference, you can order that at very low prices! This is a win-win deal for everybody and a loved feature among the students looking for assignment help in Australia.


    Their services are widespread like the most assignment writing services in the industry. Ranging from JAVA, essays, computer programming, nursing, chemistry, psychology, accounting, and many more; they have done it all and they got it all. Their website also hosts an online library where entire question files exist for the assignments they have done previously. So, if you find your similar query, you know that they can do it.

    Contact details:
    +61 450 589 265

    4.   Australian Help

    Australian Help is another one of the best websites for assignment writing. Launched somewhere about the same time as My Assignment Services, Australian Help has since then expanded their area of services to several services like paper writing, dissertation help, thesis writing, report writing, and many more.


    Quality of Assignment Writing

    After going through the reviews left by their clients, i.e., students from several universities they offer their services to, the assignment quality is said to be well enough.

    The experts at Australian Help have a thorough understanding of what the requirements in an assignment demand and how to fulfill them. Also, a large portion of their team of experts is made up of Ph.D. writers and scholars who know how to decode a marking rubric and stick to them in order to secure a good grade.

    Price System

    Their price system is very interesting and we will tell you why. Australian Help has an inbuilt price calculator right on the home page which gives you an approximate price of your assignment.Just fill in your details and get an approximate cost of how much your assignment will cost.

    These guys are quite affordable, yes. Even if you don’t have stacks of note to spend, you can avail of their services. Their price starts from as low as A$18 per page! It is simple mathematics, the more you want, the more you have to pay.


    The experts at Australian Help expand and push the boundaries of assignment help. They provide fully fledged and convenient assignment help in areas like academic paper writing, rewriting (basically paraphrasing) the same answer again, mathematics problems,economic problems, statistics problems, proofreading an assignment, writing college admission essays, and many more. Their experts can even attempt an online quiz on your behalf!

    Contact details:

    5.   Elite Assignment Help

    Elite Assignment Help is a popular and trustworthy name when it comes to the assignment writing services in Australia. Since inception, they have served to a population of hundreds of students.With a team of now over a hundred writers and experts in hundreds of subjects, they aim to provide the best assignment help in the budget of a student.

    help you

    Quality of Assignment Writing

    They include several packs and features that guarantee a good assignment help to their clients. They do not require the use of a sledgehammer to crack a nut. They know what an assignment wants, how much research it needs and if the work can be completed within the deadline without compromising on the quality front.

    Elite Assignment Help’s academic experts are actually the ones who are masters of their field. Since the website claims that every writer passes a series of tests of knowledge and proficiency, one cannot argue with the fact that what these guys are offering has got to be the best.

    Price System

    The pricing system laid out on their website is very simple to understand and decode.They have an online calculator who runs an algorithm on the basis of several factors like the currency you will be paying in, type of service you want, the academic level you want an assignment for, and the deadline.

    If we compare their price structure with the competing brands, there is not much difference. Their services also run from as low as A$18 per page. A striking feature can be that their website lists the approximate pricing for deadlines as close as 6 hours! The pricing defined by them is not too high, neither too cheap. In a nutshell, the services are what the industry standards demand.


    The academic experts at Elite Assignment Help can edit and proofread an assignment that you wrote.They can attempt online quizzes, write your college admission essay, and provide a full-fledged dissertation for your post-graduation. Not only that, the teams can help you even beyond your academics by writing a CV or a resume for you!

    Contact details:

    This was a list of some of the top assignment help websites in Australia. As mentioned before, we do not endorse the quality and price and services of these companies, that decision entirely lies upon you.

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