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    Australian food and wine is something that sets it apart when compared to iconic attractions, mesmerising beauty, finest array of tourism all around. There is flexibility and artistry to our wine and food that helps us produce new and innovative beverages.

    Thanks to our Restaurants campaign that are initiating efforts in order to grasp the corresponding opportunities and this has also given a tremendous rise to the Australian food and wine.

    In April 2017, Australia organised the “Worlds 50 best Restaurants Ceremony” at the Melbourne’s renowned exhibition and the Australia’s food and wine industry had a walk at the red carpet in the Auspicious award ceremony thereby maintaining its zeal and position amongst top 50.

    The Australia’s food and wine started the campaign for a noble cause to spread and escalate awareness regarding the tourism of the country. The campaign aimed at transmitting the essence of the delectable variety of food and the Authentic variables of wine amongst people.

    Food & Wine Australia

    Food Experiences

    Australian Cuisine is probably renowned for its taste, wide modernisations, barbecues, Australian meat and beef, flora and fauna. Some of the common Australian food includes varieties like Vegemite, pavlova, Lamington, Sausage sizzle, Kangaroo meat, Cheesy mite scroll, Iced VoVo, Kebab etc.

    Australian Cuisines and large variety of Food is mostly opted by the ones in the indigenous and colonial societies.

    Someone opting to go to the wonderful continent, the typical food and cuisines makes it worth travelling. No nation other than Australia could do barbecue better with beer, Lamington, Sausage rolls, Dim Dim and potato cakes.

    Food & Wine Australia

    Wine Experience

    Australian Wine industry is the 5th largest exporter of wine out of which% of the total content is consumed domestically. Australian wine is a must option for all those opting for the 1st time. The major varieties of wines include Shiraz, Cabernet, Sauvignon, Riesling, Merlot, Blanc and Pinot noir etc.

    Wines are mostly preferred because of their skittish taste. Australian wine manufacturing has been setting benchmarks for different variables dealing in the same field. Being the 5th largest exporter, the wind industry has been increasing its production by 70% production every year and it’s the most preferable one. There are huge wine granaries held responsible for the amount of production taking place every year.

    When it comes to observing the rarest winery experiences, South Australia tops the list. The quality clean skins, free delivery widely, import and boutique wines is what mainly makes the Australian wine recognisable. The Australian wine is mostly helpful in curing the heart diseases, maintains a glitch of skin, balances the vascular activities in the body.

    The most important fact about the Australian wines is that there is no content of alcohol added so it is not adulterated. The amount of consumption is the solid evidence for it being the most preferable one out of the lot.


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