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    Over the last several years blogging and writing articles has become very much popular and is a powerful platform to share one’s thoughts with the world on everything be it fashion, politics, education or your extensively watched TV shows. Writing a blog and posting it through free websites such as Ghost, Blogger etc. has become quite easy these days.




    Having a hobby is very important be it cooking, dancing or running; it helps one in performing actions which he/she really likes. If you are living off-campus in an apartment this will probably be a very beneficial hobby for you.  This can really turn out to be fun if you are a foodie, there are various cooking recipes and numerous cooking shows which can teach you some really amazing delicacies.



    It is one of the most delightful hobby anyone would love to do, playing an instrument can really be fun and cool if you are in college. You can choose it as a profession too if your interest is really building towards the same. It gives you a sense of relaxation and is a great tool to fabulise your mood.

    Hobby Music



    Despite your fitness level, indulging in a physical activity like walking, marching, or jogging can aid you to clear your mind and release endorphins, which is good for your physical and mental health. Running does not require any extraordinary skill, you just need to have a pair of running shoes and you can start with it wherever and whenever you want.

    Running work out



    Despite gardening being a hard and messy work still it can be opted from the list of hobbies because of its cultivation practices. It is good for health, fitness and recreation, and also helps in building your patience level once when you start preaching it.

    Hobby Gardening

    6. HIKING

    Hiking means to stroll or walk on foot. Tramping or hiking can be a to do activity for anyone who is willing to keep him/her fit. If you want to get close to nature you can opt for a countryside hike which will sparkle your mood and make you feel fresh, healthy and sturdy.

    Hiking Adventure 


    Knitting is an enjoyable and a relaxing activity. People who opt it as their hobby can use it for relaxation, creative thinking and just as a form of activity to release the stress. Research has proved that seemingly mundane activities such as knitting can help you focus and relieves your mind of the chaotic and uncontrolled thoughts.

    Knitting Hobby


    Shopping can be a hobby for anyone who does it for personal happiness and not for any other material need or had to do it for work. There is a certain thrill in buying the trending clothes for the best deals possible and that can be done by a person who lives shopping.



    Riding a motorcycle to reach to your destination and riding it for personal happiness are two different things. The level of euphoria one can experience while riding a bike on a long countryside highway cannot be compared with a casual ride. The cool breeze will freshen up your mood well and will also help you in releasing stress. Don’t forget to wear your helmet though!




    Clara has been an international academic counselor for as long as she knows. Her expertise lies in providing informative and relevant guidance to students all over the world. In her free time, Clara writes on topics like student problems, part-time jobs and admission procedures etcetera.

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