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    Are you dreaming to be an engineer in Australia? Then being well-acquainted with the nuances of CDR is really significant for you!

    CDR stands for Competency Demonstration Report. This is a pre-requisite for all aspiring engineers in Australia. It is a document that any aspiring engineer would need to submit to an Australian council, called Engineers Australia who would evaluate their qualifications. Therefore, in order to be an engineer in Australia, students are required to present a flawless CDR report because there is no scope of mistakes in it. This is because if a CDR gets rejected once, then you won’t be able to apply again for another next 12 months. Therefore, the role of CDR writing help becomes vital in any engineering students’ life.

    However, even if you are efficient in your respective fields, to err is human. Isn’t it? Making mistakes is a normal human tendency, however making mistakes in your CDR report would surely dilute your golden opportunities to work in the “land of plenty”. Obviously, students go through a lot of anxiety and stress before submitting their CDR. So, we, at TutorOpedia, are here to lessen the burden of students of CDR engineering. Let’s give you some tips about how to go on writing CDR.

    Some Important Requisites of Writing A CDR Report:

    After consulting the council of engineers Australia, our experts have come up with a few steps that would enhance the quality of your CDR writing and ensure that it does not get rejected by them. following are few requisites that are mandatory in any CDR.

    • Including your personal information like birth certificate, passport and other essential documents.
    • Evidence validating your proficiency level in English language (IELTS score)
    • A copy of your updated resume which consists of all the educational and employment details.
    • Other documents like enrolment certificates
    • Document evidence of the place where you worked before
    • Summary statement
    • Career episodes

    If your CDR would include these requisites, then engineers Australia rejection rate is least expected. Hence, you can hand over this task to our CDR experts and heave a sigh of relief!

    Some DONTs that should not be included while writing a CDR:

    TutorOpedia has done all the research for you all. So, you can just focus on these things and try not to incorporate these things in your CDR report. This would surely increase the chances of your CDR to get selected. These are:

    1. Original certificates should not be included
    2. The inclusion of black and white scans should be avoided
    3. Scanning the photocopies is not at all appreciated. CDR engineers Australia samples can also be referred to get help.
    4. Including scans of low resolution should also be avoided.
    5. Also, it should be kept in mind not to upload a single document several times.
    6. Career episodes must be in the first person and clearly indicate your personal role in the company.
    7. Plagiarism should be strictly avoided, as it would surely ban you from creating and submitting CDR for 12 months.

    Mistakes That Students Do While Preparing CDR:

    Now, finally after travelling around all the nuances in a CDR, let us delve into the main purpose of this blog, which is to brief you all about the mistakes that students generally make, even without realising it. CDR writing services proves to be that aid for students, that comes to their rescue and assure that your CDR gets accepted. According to the experts of TutorOpedia, the mistakes include:

    1. Breaching a single project in order to integrate it into two different career episodes: It is mandatory that a complete project is described in a single career episode. Students tend to portray the same project in two divisions in different career episodes.
    2. To prepare a career project about some group or activities: According to CDR experts, this is one of the most common blunders that students make. The engineers in Australia are there to evaluate the capability of the student, not to evaluate the capability of the whole group.


    Clara has been an international academic counselor for as long as she knows. Her expertise lies in providing informative and relevant guidance to students all over the world. In her free time, Clara writes on topics like student problems, part-time jobs and admission procedures etcetera.

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