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    Resume writing is something that one has to face at least once in their life. But, what to do if you want to make that resume shine out among a pool of hundreds of resumes that flood the inbox of any recruiting manager? Yes, you could use the internet to search for the best tips and ways and templates for a resume, but there is one better thing. Hiring a resume writing expert, you guys!

    Additionally, there happens to be one more thing which is equivalent to this; tips to write resume as shared by experts!

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    Excited? If you think that you’ve seen all that the internet has to offer, think again. TutorOpedia presents to you some new age, never heard before, sizzling tips for writing a resume.

    Write Your Name ‘Right’

    The best tip for resume in the 21st century is to write your name in the right. Why? Because, when you have a laaaaaarge number of documents stacked together in a file, which side do you open it from and read? The right side, yes? So, if you have your name written on the right side of the paper, the person who is browsing through the stack of resumes will be able to see your name in particular easily than others.

    HR and Rresumes

    Your name has a better chance of catching the eye of the manager when you write your name at the top right of the page.

    Be Formally Creative

    The experts’ resume tips also say that there is no fixed international format declared by Forbes, Harvard or Oxford which everyone has to strictly abide by. A resume gives you the advantage to play around the body, explore various areas in the content and creatively tune it in a formal way.

    Hence, when you are writing your resume, be creative with the arrangement of the content, the presentation style of the information you provide and others. But, remember that you don’t dump the formal accent. “Hey, HR. Waddup?” is not a good opening, no matter how creative your resume is.

    BIG BANg Resume

    Present the same boring information in a new and interesting way. Don’t be casual like you own the place (unless you do). Remember, you want the job, not marry the manager’s daughter (that possibility is a future prospect).

    Highlight, Not Brag

    “I was the captain of my college soccer club.”

    “I was the captain of the soccer club in my college and I never lost a match.”

    See the difference? You have to avoid the latter one. Highlighting your accomplishments and achievements is important in a resume. However, you should take care of bragging about the same. Avoid repeating the same thing over and over again. The manager got it the first time and does not like being pointed to the same fact again and again. Resume tips for college students forget to mention this and it has been found that a large number of resumes go down the drain because of this reason.

    HR vs You

    Would you like a candidate who brags a lot if you were the recruiting manager? So, you shouldn’t do that either.

    Public Announcements – No

    Have you ever been in a situation where you went on a date and the partner wouldn’t stop talking about what they did in the past, how good they treated their last girlfriend/boyfriend? What do you do? Pretend to have an emergency and get out of there, right? Something similar happens when you go on and on about your previous job experiences.

    The recruiting managers like people who have a previous job experience, but they do not like when you make a public service announcement out of it. If you have an experience of 2 years in any job, you don’t have to write a thesis on the same.

    measuring the experiences

    Even in resume samples, you will find that people avoid writing history lessons in their resumes.

    Be Like Water

    Water can take up the shape of any container it is stored in, so should you. Don’t restrict yourself to one field and be open to exploration and discovery of new job sectors.

    Therefore, whenever you are applying for any job, read the job description carefully of what the job demands of you, what skills are required. Once you have understood the same, mould your resume accordingly. Identify what skillset do you have which might come in handy and useful for the organisation you are applying in. If you are a mechanical engineer, you cannot apply for a job profile of a web developer, right? However, you can become a support analyst if you have the basic knowledge of C and C++. Thus, identify what the job wants and how you can fit in there.

    job requirements

    We hope that these tips for good resume will help you in writing your resume. Should you need a more detailed help into how you can write an effective resume that will make the eyes of the manager shine with hope, check out this blog.

    And, if you need a more detailed insight or need to know some more resume tricks, the resume experts at TutorOpedia will be glad to serve you with their resume writing services.


    Clara has been an international academic counselor for as long as she knows. Her expertise lies in providing informative and relevant guidance to students all over the world. In her free time, Clara writes on topics like student problems, part-time jobs and admission procedures etcetera.

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