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    The popularity of the topic “how can I make money doing part-time jobs?” almost makes it redundant and irrelevant. However, if you stumble upon a legitimate opportunity, chances are, you will be able to mint money without having to waste much time or energy. Getting such legitimate opportunity is another ball game altogether. Most of the search results that pop-up when you Google such opportunities are spams, outdated or require lengthy sign-up procedures. Moreover, most of these part-time gigs require you to do mindless click baiting tasks or activities that you do not understand. This is why TutorOpedia’s DigiLink Affiliate Program will be the best choice for you. The reason behind this is simple, we want to promote our products and services through online and offline marketing activities. Here are 10 easy ways to make money being a DigiLink Affiliate Partner.

    Earn $1 for Every Post on Facebook

    It is the easiest way you can make money in your free time. In fact, it is so easy that it almost looks like a scam. It is Not! We need people to post about our products and services on different groups and pages. All you have to do is post the content provided by us in student groups, study groups, and any other group where students connect. For example, accommodation assistance groups on Facebook etc. For every valid posting, we pay $1. The minimum requirement for pay-out is $20.


    Earn $100 by Tying Up with Indian Restaurants & Grocery Stores in Australia

    Restaurants and Grocery stores are frequented often by students. To promote our services in the student community, you will have to talk to the restaurant and grocery store owners and tie-up with them. You will have to ask them to provide a spot on their wall, counter, billing receipt for our content (advertisement) the cost of this will be ours. For every successful tie-up and banner placement in a brick & Mortar store will fetch you $100.


    Earn $5 for Every Classified Post on Gumtree

    This is only for Australian Natives with an Australian IP address. If you are an Australian native, you must be familiar with Gumtree. It’s a classified posting website, one most used in Australia. All you have to do is create an account on and post the content provided by us. You will also get assistance on how you can do this entire activity by our dedicated affiliate managers. For every valid posting, we pay $5.



    Bring us Student’s Assignment Orders and Earn flat 10% Commission

    As an affiliate, you can make the most by contacting university students through online and offline channels and pitch our services to them. You can earn by providing us student’s contact details (Phone number and e-mail) or by bringing us their order directly. If you provide us with student’s assignment orders, you can earn a flat 10% commission on the total order cost. If you can bring us bulk orders from multiple students, the commission goes up to 20%.


    Earn $20 for Shooting ‘Social Experiment’ Video Clips via Mobile

    This is actually a fun way to earn. We will provide you with a script that would include some fun and serious questions only college students can answer. All you have to do is take out that fancy phone of yours and click a High-Quality video clip in front of any Australian University. You will have to convince students to come on camera and answer these simple and generic questions. For every 5 minute of video footage (multiple clips with multiple students sharing their experiences) we will pay you $20. But that is not it, if you provide us with 20 minutes of footage, we will pay you an additional $10 along with the original payment. Don’t forget to ask student’s name and e-mail id/phone number after they have given their video byte.

    Social Experiment - TutorOpedia


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