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    Wish we could turn back time, to the good old days
    When our momma sang us to sleep but now we’re stressed out

    Who doesn’t love hearing this Grammy-winning song by 21 Pilots? As good as this song sounds, there is one word that gets stuck with us. The life was much easier when you had nothing else to do other than playing with your friends, eating and sleeping. And the good thing was that nobody dared to say you anything. They even said aww every time you made a face which showed that you are so sleepy.

    But, what about now? Now your mother doesn’t sing you to sleep, your friends do not let you waste your night by sleeping it away and you are not a night owl and a daydreamer. So, such an irregular pattern of life is bound to induce many stressful events in your life.

    Let us think what students might be most stressful about.

    How are you going to adjust into an entirely new country among the faces you’ve never seen before? Check.

    Submission of assignments? Check.

    The approaching examinations? Check.

    What will you do after you have successfully completed this degree – would be an employed engineer or a homeless person sleeping under the bridge? Check.

    If the girl whom you love loves you back? Check.

    Let us now tackle them one by one, shall we?

    Reach Out!

    Being an international student is hard. The feeling you get when you landing in another country with a bag full of dreams and eyes of hopes is something that no feeling can match. However, being an international student has its own advantages at times that often lead to a stressful environment for the students.

    So, what’s the one thing you can do that will easily help you to bust out of that pressurised bubble of stress? You reach out to others!

    Yes, this may sound stupid but it is really effective. First things first, if you are visiting someone in their home, would you be the first one to initiate communication or wait for them to start talking? So why not initiate communication when you are going into the county of other people, their home? When you reach out, you make friends. You get to know what other people are like, what they think, how they perceive things and will let you get mixed with them.

    Manage Your Time and Tasks Effectively

    Assignment submission is the one thing which has caused sleepless nights too so many students that we can’t even begin to think. You don’t want to be one of those students who is spending their last days counting the deadlines and staying locked up in your dormitory writing an assignment like a robot? Probably not.

    So, what should you do when you don’t want assignments to pile over each other and then sneer at you as Shenzi sneers at Simba? Let us think. Hmmmm.

    Got it.

    There are two ways here – you can either take assignment help and share your load with an online expert in exchange for some money. Or, you can try to manage your tasks and prioritise.

    There are many management experts who are offering time management courses and work management certifications. You can attend these workshops, learn the tips and trick or maybe even browse them over the web.

    Once you do, make a list and paste it somewhere you can see it every day. Try to incorporate these little changes into your daily habit slowly and gradually you will emerge new, stress-free.

    Make A Study Plan

    Examination season is the most dreaded season by the students of the world. Be it any country, there is not a single student who is excited about giving exams. So, what to do when these examinations are getting closer day by day and you are not able to resist PUBG for too long? You don’t have much time to study the entire course back to front.

    When such a situation arises and you are stressed out about getting bad grades, take a deep breath. Ain’t nothing gonna happen to you. Then, you take help of some friends, the internet and then prepare a study plan.

    There is an added advantage when you have this study plan handy. You can easily identify which topics and sections are worth studying all night for and which ones will make do with just a quick glance.

    This study plan will help you in covering a huge proportion of the syllabus in a relatively lesser time and a much more effective manner.

    Take Certification Courses

    Students are stressed about their future all the time. When someone has taken up such a huge loan from the bank, spent hours and hours preparing and have expectations of so many people around their neck, they are bound to feel stressed.

    But, there is an easy way out of this job search related stress. You can take up a part-time job, preferably in the sector related to your course of study, and start gaining experience right from the start.

    Second thing, employers like people who are up to date with the latest technological trends and know how to use them. Therefore, you should take as many certification courses as you can to enhance your knowledge and skills. When you are a mechanical engineering graduate and also have a 50-hour certification training in some designing software like SolidWorks, CATIA, CREO or others and have mentioned it in your resume, why wouldn’t the employer be impressed?

    You can check how to write resumes that will put you apart from the general crowd here.

    The last problem is a little more personal. We recommend getting the help of a Love Guru for that. Other than that, and any other help for your student life, TutorOpedia is always ready at your service.

    For any query, you can anytime contact us by writing to us at Cheers!


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