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    New South Wales is the Australia’s most colonised State. The very first thing that comes through the mind after hearing New south Wales is the Sydney Opera House.What makes New south Wales a worth visit is its unspoilt beaches, astonishing natural treasures, snowy mountains, valleys.

    Some of the most unique places of New South Wales are as follows:-

    1. Jervis Bay

    Jervis Bay is one of the must visit place of New South Wales that is very enchanting and fascinating. It is vested in the south coast of the country and is one of those out of the whole lot that is worth exploring. The beaches in the south coast region are as exceptional as any other in the particular region. The only deception about this region is that it does not render the surfing opportunities as that to the northern coast which has its availability.

    The best thing about Jervis Bay is that it’s not over refined with high upsurge and tourist maneuvers. The sand is crystal white, clear and unadulterated. On the top of it, it is not overpopulated and congested like northern coastal beaches. Jervis Bay is mostly renowned for whale watching, canoeing and kayaking.

    Unique places to visit New South Wales


    2.  Kangaroo Valley

    Kangaroo Valley is a river valley alongside the kangaroo river situated in the Shoalhaven region located in the western direction of the city.

    There are certain places in the Kangaroo valley to visit and explore where you can twist and turn around 360 degrees and view the hills and the sloppy lines alongside. It is one of the most putative ones out of the 7 enclosed valleys. It a wide variety of cafes, craft shops, hotels, clubs. It also provides a bus service from Nowra to Moss Vale.

    Unique places to visit New South Wales

    3. Coffs Harbour

    Coffs Harbour is practically mid-way alongside the Sydney to Brisbane trip route and is a compulsory pause for road journeyer.The mesmerising surrounding of the Coffs Harbour is what sets it apart. It is surrounded by exceptional beaches including the Red rocks beach.

    The Bellinger Market is a must for all those willing to visit Coffs harbour that is held every 3rd Saturday of each prospective month. Drives to Coffs is amazing when you are coming from Sydney.

    Unique places to visit New South Wales

    4. New Castle

    New Castle is a harbour city vested in the New South Wales. It has wide variety of beaches connected by the bather’s way, a coastal jaunt stretching from nobbys beach to Merewether beach. It’s the nerve center of greater new castle area.

    New castle was the source of the industrial center for the Australian effort. New castle mended its manufacturing industry with the State Dockyard, Walsh Island Dockyard, Forgacs Shipyard. It has raised its benchmark from its primary industry of Steel and has contrapted a few innovative Programs to retain the culture and arts to the City. It’s not totally about the hub of clubs and industries anymore but rather than richness, prosperity, a calm vibe. All of this makes New Castle a source of extreme thrill.

    Unique places to visit New South Wales


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