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    Want to give your career a head start? Then, mastering the best resume writing formats should be the top on your bucket list! This is because whenever you apply for a job, the first thing you would be asked would be to submit a copy of your CV or resume. So, in a way, your resume would be your first impression on the recruiters. Before even meeting you in person, they would get to know about your personality. Therefore, a resume is the first step that can ensure your eligibility in the company. Thus, students nowadays search for resume format for the job they want to apply for.

    A resume should be simple, yet effective. Creating an effective resume involves more than just penning down your skills and experience. Adhering to a format would not only increase the chances of your selection but also give a good impression on the recruiters. It should be efficient enough to engage the recruiters while they scrutiny the resume. Also, you do not get such job offers again and again. Thus, it is imperative that you grab the golden opportunity and utilise it in the best possible way. There needs no sugar-coating in order to write an effective resume. We at TutorOpedia are here to acquaint you all with some steps of how to write a simple resume that would also be unique in its own way.

    Ways to Write an Effective Resume:

    Starting from traditional to absolutely creative, there are different formats of writing a resume. It depends on the organisation where you are applying and also the job designation. Even if you are the best in your field, there might be chances of your rejection if the recruiters find your resume weak and not convincing enough.  Thus, going through various resume samples is a wise choice. Saying this, writing a long resume would surely increase the chances of your rejection because the recruiter would rather read Dan Brown novels than read a 5 page career summary. On the contrary, the use of powerful words, articulate summaries, and the coherence in resumes would enhance your prospects of getting selected.

    Different Resume Writing Formats

    Basically, our resume writing experts follow three main formats of writing an effective resume which is chronological, functional and combination formats. So, here is all about these resume writing formats that you need to know:

    Chronological format

    Chronological resumes are the ones that focus more on the work history. Employment history is generally listed in reverse chronology, starting from the last position and company where you worked and going till your first position and company. Basically, if your work detail is consistent, then choosing this format is the most effective choice. Also, chronological resumes involve a simple resume format. However, if you want to write an entry-level resume, then maybe there are better options for you to choose from. The steps involved in writing this conventional style of resume are:

    • Contact details, which includes your name, address (generally your current address), E-mail address and permanent phone number.
    • The introduction can be either be related to career, professional profile or a brief summary of your qualifications.
    • Professional Experience does not mean the tasks that you have performed for your previous employers (if you have any), but rather displaying your achievements and the way you excelled in them.
    • Educational details
    • Additional skills, if required

    Below is a simple resume format of a chronological resume that would make it easy for you to understand it better. If you are still not clear, then why not try us?

    software programmer resume

    Functional Format

    Also known as skill-based resumes, these resumes begin by emphasising your skills and job experiences with work history at the end. However, unlike chronological format, the time spent on each job is not mentioned in such resumes. It is most beneficial for those job seekers who have changed jobs frequently or have noticeable time gaps between two consequentjobsbecause the employment history is not included in such resumes. Also, these resumes prove to be an added benefit for those employees who possess transferable skills but do not have the proper experience to back the skills. Functional resume samplescan be referred in order to be clearer about the steps to write it, which includes:

    • Writing down your skills and accomplishments
    • Organising those skills
    • Arranging the resume based on category, not on time
    • Adding summary in the beginning
    • Concluding the resume with a brief chronology of work history

    Below is a sample of functional resume which would help you to write an effective functional resume. Our resume writing experts are thorough with such types of resumes. So, in case you are still not clearon how to write it, talk to us and we shall guide you!

    texas resume

    Combination Format

    This type of resume is a hybrid of both of the other resume writing formats discussed above. This format is basically for those job seekers who have a long career history which includes an exhaustive list of achievements and mastered skills. Obviously, these resumes tend to be very long which is a drawback of such a format. Thus, in order to shorten it, focussing just on skills and experience is usually advised. The steps involved in writing combination resumes are:

    • Contact details
    • Summary of qualifications
    • Work history
    • Additional professional experience
    • Education

    Below is a sample of a combination resume. If your resume is getting too long, then why not hand it over to our resume writing experts, who can write it precisely and deliver a resume that is simple, yet effective?

    joe jobscan resume

    What Is Special About Resume Writing Formats?

    Any resume, be it chronological, functional or combination, we at TutorOpedia have an expertise in the art of delivering unblemished resumes that are simple, yet effective. Not only this but we also provide other types of resumes like creative, portfolio, infographics resumes and many more. However, these 3 resumes writing formats are considered to be the most wanted one by employees and the recruiters all across the world. So, why not avail of our resume writing services and lessen your burden? You just need to dream, while we fulfil them!


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