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    1. It is the Smallest continent and Biggest Island on the Planet

    One of the most compelling cue about Australia is that it is the smallest continent and the biggest island in the world. It is the only nation to administer the entire continent and its outlined islands. The continent is 9,008,000 Km2 wide in terms of land area which states 6% of the total area of the world.

    It is estimated that around 11% of the total population lives in the continent.In technical context Australia has been specified by names including Sahul, Meganesia in order to pocket the difference from the Australian mainland.It is the 2nd biggest island in the world. The stature of Australia invalidates the fact that it is a mere piece of land surrounded by water.

    Amazing Australia

    2. It is the Driest inhabited Continent

    Ranging between 10 degrees-39 degrees South Latitude makes Australia the driest inhabitant of all. It receives the lowest amount of rainfall as compared to other continent. About 3/4th of the total continent is arid and totally dry. In order to eliminate the dryness the land, lush areas are well watered. However, these lands are the major source to serve and feed a large number in the world.

    Australia Hottest

    3. It is the Sixth largest Nation in the World

    Another compelling Fact about the continent Is that it is the 6th largest nation in the world after Russia, USA, Canada, Brazil and China. It’s not an option for many only because of the simple reason that the land is arid, less fertile and barren. The continent lacks in vegetation because of this infertile land.

    4. It has the World’s Longest Fence

    The continent consists of the world’s longest fence which is also termed as the Dog Fence, Border Fence, Dingo Fence. The Fence is around 5,614 km wide in length that is starting at Jimbour in Queensland and extends till the Great Australian Bight in South America.

    5. It has the World’s Longest Straight Section of Railway Track

    The continent has the world’s longest section of the railway tracks that crosses the Nullarbor Plain in South Australia to Western Australia. It involves the dead straight track that is around 297 mi in length. Initially the straight section suffered a lot of problems like difficulties in settling of tracks in the desert sands.

    6. Flora and Fauna

    The continent comprises of vast set of native species. It is estimated that around 80% of the total continent is covered by mammals, reptiles, plants. The continent has a marine environment that provides shelter and is home to around 3500 fish species, 50 types of marine species, 1700 coral species. 

    It is believed that Australia has a Flora and Fauna that is different as compared to other continents. Mostly the continent is covered by ferns and the rain forests. The flora includes the “Great Barrier Reef” whereas on other hand the fauna includes the “koalas”. 

    7. World’s Largest Espresso Machine

    The continent has the world’s largest espresso machine. It can blend up to 18 cups of coffee in total at a given point of time and at least there is requirement of 5 members or more in order to operate machine and handle the processing.

    8. Extensive Landmass

    The continent is probably famous for its natural spectacles. It is one of the most urbanised and is most renowned because of some of its cities that includes Perth, Sydney and Brisbane.

    9. Time Zones

    The most important and fascinating thing about Australia is that it can have 5 distinct time zones during daytime and three distinct zones during other times.

    10. Famous Australian Food

    Australia is renowned for some of its food items that includes Vegemite, Barbeques, Avocados, Tim Tams, Meat Pies, Anzac Cookies, Organic Foods, Fish and Chips, Pavlova and Witchetty Grub.


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