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Accommodation for Students in Australia

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    Accommodation for Students in Australia

    It is widely believed that students go for on-campus accommodations while studying in Australia. But, the untold truth is that such accommodation can be very costly and also not easily available. Therefore, students mostly look for affordable places and go for sharing room rents. Hence, if you are really fed up with the incessant search for accommodation, this write-up would serve as your perfect guide. Some of the options, other than university campuses, that are available for such students are:

    Rental property – Private accommodation is the mostly searched and availed by university students across Australia. The primary factors that determine the location are – part-time jobs, affordability, compatible housemates etc. While searching for such ads the best places can be online community forums on social media, Gumtree ads and university notice boards. You also need to keep your eyes and ears open, thereby, increasing your chance to hearsay any house for rent.

    Homestays – While staying in homestays, you will get a feeling of home away from home. Nevertheless, making the correct choice and getting in touch with the right homestay coordinator is the key to such luxury. There have been instances of exploitation where international students live in poor conditions.

    It is very difficult to find a good homestay, but with if due diligence is maintained and with properly checking the reviews on websites like Australian Homestay Network,  Homestay Australia, etc. one can be find the homestay of your choice.

    Guest houses – Under this, students get to stay in a unfurnished house with kitchen and bathroom facilities available to them separately. Unlike homestays, here students need to arrange for their own food. The rates in this is cheaper than other form of accommodation, but, the selection again becomes a painstaking task. Some useful websites like 96 Glebe Guest House, Adalong etc. can always help you with their ads.

    The only problem with guest houses, which is getting furniture, can also be resolved by doing a quick google on relevant forums like gumtree. Moreover, it can also be purchased from Ikea stores, or obtained from a range of hand-me-down stores (also called ‘op-shops’) spread across Australia’s metropolises.

    Therefore, it is important for international students to be vigilant and take great care while searching accommodation. However, one does not need to be scared of everything you find online, because almost every international student has to go through this humdrum process.