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Academic Writing at University

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    Academic writing is one aspect of the university that takes away a lot of time and energy of students. However, the gain of students in return of such activity is immense. They get familiar with almost all kinds of academic formats in addition to the in-depth insight of their respective subject matter. The dividends are not limited to academia, because the enhancement of skill sets and critical thinking which a student develops in a university cannot be matched with any other activity during this period.

    However, while honing the problem-solving and critical thinking skills, students are required to pursue certain actions which include understanding the question of an assignment, analysing the results of an assignment, evaluating the different aspects of the subject both professionally and technically. Along with this, the students would have to justify their own ideas with relevant theories.
    Academic Writing Tips

    Three Characteristics of Academic Writing

    As discussed above, the importance of academic writing can be manifolded if done in a correct manner. But, the question remains as to How to Know the Correct Manner. There are some basic features, which, if followed can bring out the best in an academic assignment. Let us have a brief look at each of these –

    Not just description: There is always a confusion between the descriptive and analysis part of an academic paper. Most students tend to intermix the two, thereby ruining their chances of getting good grades in the assignment. The primary distinction that can be between the two is that while a description strictly focuses on the background or summary of the topic, the analysis gives the student more freedom to express their own inferences from the description provided.

    Evidence: The evidence forms an integral part of every academic document, without which there can be no credibility associated with the document. Therefore, the evidence chosen has to be very accurate and precisely related to the field of study. These can include journal articles, academic books by reputed authors, newspaper articles etc.

    Language: Another important aspect of an academic document is the use of language – formal language. Moreover, the use of academic vocabulary is also crucial to make your academic document more authentic and reliable so that it can also be selected by your peers.

    Writing a good academic assignment always gives you the best feeling which even surpasses the HD grades. The dedication put in to achieve this is also very tremendous, thereby, distressing the student. Most students struggle to keep the same concentration level throughout the assignment, which poorly shows in your results. So, it is important that you keep the motivational level at the zenith before starting your write-up.